GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022.4

GeoCat is pleased to present our latest distribution of GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022.4.


GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding catalog application providing record publishing and search capabilities to share information. Built to support international open standards GeoNetwork offers metadata editing and management with a focus on geospatial content.

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022.4 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Plugin repository

GeoNetwork Enterprise is provided as a base package which can be extended with plugins. Plugins have an independent lifecycle. Each plugin advertises its compatibility with relevant GeoNetwork versions.

Plugins are available via the plugin repository at Documentation on how to install the plugin is available in the plugin.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Documentation

Enterprise documentation is now available at

GeoNetwork Technology

GeoNetwork Enterprise is proudly open source based on the latest GeoNetwork 3.12.8 technology.

User interface

  • Improvement: Added a configuration option to display the Application version and links to About, GitHub and API pages in footer.

    Added setting option to show app version and links to About, GitHub and API pages in footer

    With the option selected:

    Added setting option to show app version and links to About, GitHub and API pages in footer

    With the option unselected:

    Added setting option to show app version and links to About, GitHub and API pages in footer


  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect Slovenian language code causing an error when loading INSPIRE thesauri.

  • Bugfix: Only allow Administrator users delete the UI settings for the default user interface.

  • Bugfix: Update the thesaurus import from INSPIRE Re3gistry to use the latest version.

  • Improvement: On the Versioning log page, (Admin console > Statistics and status > Versioning), the number of values displayed in the status author dropdown have been expanded from 5 to 100. The dropdown has a defined maximum height, so a scrollbar will appear when the list of users is large.


    Versioning log - authors dropdown - old

    With the correction:

    Versioning log - authors dropdown - updated

  • Improvement: On the harvesters page, display the button to assign the harvested records to the local catalogue only to Administrator users.

  • Improvement: On the settings page, prevents browser from auto-completing proxy password.


  • Bugfix: Added French translations for email notifications when metadata is submitted for review for approval.

  • Bugfix: It has been fixed the import of metadata with the validation enabled. After importing a valid metadata with the Validate option enabled, the validation status is shown in green (valid) and not in gray (not validated) in the editor board, without the need to edit it and validate it manually as previously.

    Metadata import - validation option


    Metadata import - validation status wrong

    With the correction:

    Metadata import - validation status correct

  • Bugfix: In the CSW service, fixed the queries when the metadata workflow is enabled to avoid returning the approved metadata and it’s working copy (for metadata that is approved and has a working copy).

  • Bugfix: When multiple INSPIRE ATOM feeds reference a metadata, process the first of them and ignore the rest, as the metadata must be referenced by at most one INSPIRE ATOM feed.

  • Bugfix: When requesting a metadata DOI from the metadata detail page, after directly approving the metadata and then publishing it, the metadata was assigned an invalid status.

  • Bugfix: Fix the RDF export for ISO19139 and ISO19115-3.2018 metadata, encoding the space characters in the thumbnail urls and fixing the definition of the geometry field information.

  • Bugfix: Fix the retrieval of the feature catalog metadata (ISO19110) related resources. An error was returned, instead of the related metadata results.

  • Improvement: Added support for OGC API protocols to the protocol field of the Add online resources in the metadata editor.

  • Improvement: Configuration to notify users by mail about metadata publication / un-publication.

  • Improvement: In the metadata editor, the position of the Schema validation section has been changed from top to bottom (of the mandatory rules) to make it is easier for users to check for validation errors.

    XSD Validation panel

  • Improvement: In the metadata workflow, added an option to submit multiple metadata for approval.

  • Improvement: When duplicating ISO19139 and ISO19115-3.2018 metadata, clean DOI information.


  • Bugfix: Fixed Site API privileges.

  • Bugfix: Validate the language parameter in API services.

  • Improvement: Enable server hostname verification on mail server SSL/TLS connection.

  • Improvement: Keycloak client upgrade to version 18.0.2.

  • Improvement: Verify that the logout redirect URL is an application URL.

  • Improvement: Update Bootstrap from version 3.3.7 to version 3.4.1.

  • Improvement: Update bootstrap-table library to version 1.21.1.

  • Improvement: Update moment library to version 2.29.4.

  • Improvement: Update underscore.js library to version 1.13.6.

Dutch Geografie 2.0.0 schema

  • Bugfix: Datacite export fixes to support organisation name field with defined with an anchor element and use the organisation name for datacite creator, when individual name is missing.

  • Bugfix: Update protocol list values according to

Dutch Service 2.0.0 schema

  • Bugfix: Fix the editing of the service quality indicator, which was being cleaned up when saving the metadata.

Canadian metadata schema (HNAP)

  • Bugfix: Use HTTP protocol for DOI links. Previously, it was used the protocol DOI, that is not supported in HNAP.

  • Bugfix: Indexing fixes for codelist and resolution / update frequency fields. Cleanup EU INSPIRE directive code, not relevant for HNAP.

  • Improvement: Added support for OGC API and Advanced Message Queuing Protocol protocols to the protocol field of the Add online resources in the metadata editor.

  • Improvement: When duplicating a metadata, clean DOI information.


  • Bugfix: Fix missing template for rendering links and layout improvements in metadata full view page.