Welcome to GeoNetwork Enterprise, and thank you for being a GeoCat customer.

GeoCat BV is a proud open source company, and a core-contributor of GeoNetwork project. This GeoNetwork Enterprise release includes the latest GeoNetwork 2022.6 technology.

Release notes


This document includes CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed content from the GeoNetwork Manual, website and release announcements. Material has been adapted to reflect the GeoServer Enterprise product and visual appearance.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Standard

GeoNetwork Enterprise Standard provides a clean visual appearance.


GeoNetwork Enterprise

GeoNetwork Enterprise Standard includes built-in support for the following metadata schemas:

  • Dublin Core

  • ISO 19110

  • ISO 19139

  • ISO 19115-3:2018

GeoNetwork Enterprise Premium

GeoNetwork Enterprise Premium customers have the option to work with their own custom view, our minimal view, or prepackaged:

Additional metadata schemas and UI views support is available for GeoNetwork Premium customers: