Dutch view

Dutch view is a view plugin for GeoNetwork Enterprise. A view generally consists of a number of overrides for templates (html), styles (less) and scripts (js).


  • Design slightly follows dutch rijkshuisstijl

  • Introduces PDOK background layers as map backgrounds

  • Introduces PDOK locationserver as gazetteer

To install the plugin, follow the generic installation instructions for view plugins.

Select the view

In order to use the Dutch view you first have to go to Admin ❯ Settings ❯ User interface configuration.


Start typing interface in the filter settings

Change the view to dutch (lowercase).

../../_images/changeview.png ../../_images/dutchview.png

Display the search results

After saving the changes, the templates for displaying the search results can be replaced for templates from the view.

  1. change the default template for the search results in Admin ❯ Settings ❯ User Interface ❯ Default template used for search results to ../../catalog/views/dutch/templates/card.html.

  2. Change the settings for List of templates for search results in ../../catalog/views/dutch/templates/card.html with icon fa-th and ../../catalog/views/dutch/templates/list.html with icon fa-bars


Adding facets on top of the search results

To add facets-display, navigate to Admin ❯ Settings ❯ User Interface ❯ Display filter tags in the search results and select the corresponding option.

Map configuration

To use a Dutch map and Dutch coordinates, go to Admin ❯ Settings ❯ User Interface and follow these steps:

  1. In Viewer Map Configuration, Search Map Configuration and Editor Maps Configuration set Path to the context file (XML) to ../../catalog/views/dutch/config-nl-viewer.xml

  2. In Map projection and List of map projections to display bounding box coordinates in add EPSG:28992:

  3. In Projections to display maps into add the EPSG:28992 configuration:


    +proj=sterea +lat_0=52.15616055555555 +lon_0=5.38763888888889 +k=0.9999079 +x_0=155000 +y_0=463000 +ellps=bessel +towgs84=565.417,50.3319,465.552,-0.398957,0.343988,-1.8774,4.0725 +units=m +no_defs

    Default extension:

    0, 300000, 300000, 630000

    Maximum extension:

    0, 300000, 300000, 630000

Dutch search terms

To search using a Dutch gazetteer, set the thesaurus used by the location-search (homepage), download file from Nationaal Georegister and upload it in Admin ❯ Classification ❯ From local file. It replaces the default regions thesaurus.


Add Dump Fields

Dutch schema’s use a number of extra lucene fields, which need to be configured to be included as part of a search result. Open /web-inf/config-lucene.xml and add within the <dump-fields/> section the following xml

<!-- extra dump fields for dutch view -->
<field name="license" tagName="license"/>
<field name="licenseLink" tagName="licenseLink"/>
<field name="payment" tagName="payment"/>
<field name="protocol" tagName="protocol"/>
<field name="specificationTitle" tagName="specificationTitle"/>
<field name="specificationDate" tagName="specificationDate"/>
<field name="specificationExplanation" tagName="specificationExplanation"/>
<field name="degree" tagName="degree"/>
<field name="conditionApplyingToAccessAndUse" tagName="conditionApplyingToAccessAndUse"/>
<field name="useLimitation" tagName="useLimitation"/>
<field name="standardVersion" tagName="standardVersion"/>
<field name="_national" tagName="national"/>

Export/Import settings

If you want to export your current settings locally (for archiving or port to another instance), go to the end of the page: JSON Configuration, copy the JSON and paste it in a text editor and save the file.