GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022.2

GeoCat is pleased to present our latest distribution of GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022.2.


GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding catalog application providing record publishing and search capabilities to share information. Built to support international open standards GeoNetwork offers metadata editing and management with a focus on geospatial content.

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022.2 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Plugin repository

GeoNetwork Enterprise is provided as a base package which can be extended with plugins. Plugins have an independent lifecycle. Each plugin advertises its compatibility with relevant GeoNetwork versions.

Plugins are available via the plugin repository at Documentation on how to install the plugin is available in the plugin.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Documentation

Enterprise documentation is now available at

GeoNetwork Technology

GeoNetwork Enterprise is proudly open source based on the latest GeoNetwork 3.12.5 technology.


  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the harvesters, when filling the “user” and “password” fields in the “Remote authentication” section and saving, it did not allow updating the information of the harvester.

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue when cancelling “Add new records” or the “Import new records” options that would show an empty Editor dashboard page.

  • Improvement: The functionality that allows the administrator to reset the password of any user has been restored.

    This functionality is disabled by default, for security reasons.


  • Bugfix: Removed an empty xml namespace in the describe service output for INSPIRE ATOM remote feeds, that was producing an invalid document.

  • Bugfix: Metadata workflow / Fixed a bug where using the Cancel option in the metadata editor when editing a working copy would delete the working copy.

  • Bugfix: Metadata workflow / Fixed a bug that did not show the Submitted label in the metadata status when it was used the Save and submit option in the metadata editor page.

  • Improvement: It is possible to configure in the settings the authorized users for the import of metadata.
    It is possible to configure in the settings the authorized users for the import of metadata

  • Improvement: In the Privileges dialog, the button text has been changed from Replace by selected to Update.


  • Bugfix: Ensure that keycloak login redirects only go the current server.

    The login in keycloak has been corrected to ensure that after authenticating the user, it returns to the server page.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where non-admin users could access other users selections.


  • Improvement: Add Heritrix crawler to the list of user-agents that don’t create a session in GN while crawling. This user-agent is used by for example (geonetwork/core-geonetwork#6263).

  • Improvement: It has been removed the beta label from the API page. It has been considered appropriate to remove it because the API is stable for a long time.

Canadian metadata schema (HNAP)

  • Bugfix: Added support to export HNAP metadata to Datacite format.

  • Bugfix: Display the resource identifier in the metadata detail page.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the indexing of multilingual contact information, which caused the contact to always be displayed in the user interface in the main language of the metadata.

  • Bugfix: Fixed online resource protocol validation, to only allow values defined in HNAP.