Catalog Service for the Web (CSW)

The CSW end point exposes the metadata records in your catalog in XML format using the OGC CSW protocol (version 2.0.2).

Two protocols are available:

  • CSW: Provides the ability to search and publish metadata for data, services and related information.

  • CSW-T: Provides an interface for creating, modifying and deleting catalog records via the CSW protocol.


See Configuring CSW for details of how to configure the CSW end point.


The following URL is the standard end point for the catalog (substitute your GeoNetwork URL):

Generally, the VERSION and SERVICE parameter are also added, along with the REQUEST parameter as detailed below:


The full set of requests supported by GeoNetwork can be found in CSW test, in the Settings section of the Admin Dashboard.

See Configuring CSW for more details of this function.