Configuring validation levels

Each standard defines validation levels (using schematron - see Implementing schema plugins). By default, ISO19139 proposes validation using:

  • ISO rules

  • INSPIRE rules (TG v1.3)

  • GeoNetwork rules (only related to multilingual records)

  • URL checker

All levels will be applied by default during validation and the admin interface allows customization if a rule:

  • is required to be valid (will be reported in green/red depending on the status)

  • is for information only (will be reported in blue)

  • is ignored.


Also conditions can be set to only apply rules to specific records. The condition can be defined on:

  • XPath

  • Group

  • User profile

  • Keyword

For example, defines for the GM03 ISO19139 profile rules depending on groups (ie. partners) and the type of dataset eg. a basic geodata.