Configuring virtual CSW

Warning: This feature will be deprecated in future version (4.x). Use Portal configuration instead.

This feature adds the capability to create custom CSW entry points that apply extra criteria to the CSW requests, allowing to implement several useful cases like, for example:

  • Define an INSPIRE CSW entry point to deliver only the INSPIRE related metadata stored in the catalog.

  • Define CSW entry points to deliver only metadata related to specific theme/s: climate, boundaries, etc.

The filter parameter value should use the Lucene query parser syntax, which is applied to these CSW operations:

  • GetRecords: the filter is applied with the CSW query as an extra query criteria.

  • GetRecordById: the filter is applied with the metadata id requested as an extra query criteria.

  • GetDomain: the filter is applied as a query criteria to retrieve the metadata properties requested.

  • GetCapabilities: the filter is applied as a query criteria to fill the metadata keywords list in the GetCapabilities document.

The list of available Lucene index fields to use in the filter parameter can be obtained from the files index-fields.xsl in the schema folders located in WEB-INF/xml/schemas.

As Harvest and Transaction operations are not affected by filter parameter, to avoid confusion is better to use this feature as readonly CSW endpoints.