GeoCat is betrokken geweest bij vele belangrijke, wereldwijde projecten die Spatial Data Infrastructure oplossingen bieden op basis van GeoNetwork open source software. Wij bieden consultancy diensten aan agentschappen zoals de Verenigde Naties, CGIAR, Rijkswaterstaat, verschillende nationale kadasters, Environment Canada en het Europees Milieuagentschap (EMA). De volgende projecten zijn voorbeelden van werk dat we doen bij GeoCat.

New team member: Jody Garnett

As of June, Jody Garnett strengthens the GeoCat team as Technical Director. Jody loves the impact geospatial technology can have for our customers and the world. He is excited to apply his enthusiasm and customer focus to GeoCat Bridge and GeoCat Enterprise offerings.

You may already know Jody Garnett as a prominent community member, participating in the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation and attending FOSS4G conferences. He has over twenty years of experience with geospatial solutions and open source development and training.

GeoServer expert

Jody is a core contributor on the GeoServer project. He lead one of the first professional development teams to work on this project delivering the first GeoServer user interface in 2003. He is proud of the success of the GeoTools ‘DataStore’ API which contributes to GeoServer’s ability to integrate with local, enterprise and cloud data sources. Jody also serves on the steering committee of the GeoServer, GeoTools and ImageN projects, and committed to additional projects including JTS Topology Suite, GeoGig, uDig, GeoWebCache and more.

When it comes to explaining, Jody appears to have the patience of a saint. He is very supportive and enthusiastic. You might even call him stubborn sometimes. ‘I enjoy creating things. Every year I try to take up a technical challenge that is important for the long term. This year I’m working on the image processing library for GeoServer.’ His GeoServer expertise will surely be a benefit for existing and new GeoCat customers.

Photo: Jody Garnett

Advantages of open source solutions

Jody also has an extended knowledge of Java development and OGC standards. ‘I have joined a lot of OGC testbeds. The team work in the open source community shows that by working in larger groups, you can solve bigger problems. The core values are respectful relations and reciprocity. Open source development demands partnership arrangements, benefitting both parties.’

Corporate investments in open source solutions is beneficial, says Jody. ‘Open source offers greater control, ability to customize an existing solution, or a running start when creating new applications. This approach is great for a hybrid architecture, combining Esri and open source components to open up additional opportunities.’

More opportunities against lower costs

He is also very enthusiastic about GeoCat Live, about how easy and quickly you can use it, its high service level and opportunities. ‘Also organisations without a large IT department, like municipalities, can easily work with it. By helping them to use open source solutions, they get more opportunities at a lower costs.’ You can try GeoCat Live very easily yourself, to see GeoNetwork and GeoServer for yourself, by asking for an evaluation license.

Jody will be joining our team from Canada. In August you can meet him in Bucharest (Romania) at the FOSS4G 2019 conference. To contact Jody, e-mail him at



ESA ERGO project

GeoCat has implemented the ebRIM registry interface with the basic and ISO extension packages for the European Space Agency project ERGO. The project fits within the broader Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility Test bed (HMA-T) that works towards harmonized access to all earth observation data collected by the ESA member states at the distributed ground segments. The registry is implemented as a component of the GeoNetwork open source project and transparently publishes metadata published in GeoNetwork through the registry. The ebRIM software source code can be found here

Nordic Open Source Initiative Network

GeoCat is contracted by a consortium of the cadastre agencies of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Scotland to develop the core of their respective National geo-registries. GeoCat works on ensuring the compliance of the software with the INSPIRE directive for metadata. The security layer and web mapping interface are further developed as part of this project which is running since the start of 2010.


Nationaal GeoRegister (Nederland)

GeoCat is ingehuurd om het Nationaal GeoRegister van Nederland te implementeren op basis van de metadata catalogus GeoNetwork opensource. Eén van de hoofddoelstellingen voor het register was om een nieuwe, gebruiksvriendelijke en flexibele interface te ontwikkelen in samenwerking met het Kadaster en gebruikers.

Deze “Nederlandse schil” van GeoNetwork wordt ook door diverse andere organisaties gebruikt, zoals gemeenten, provincies, waterschappen, RIVM Rijkswaterstaat, enz. Neem contact op met GeoCat of de GeoNetwork gebruikersgroep Nederland om de mogelijkheden voor uw organisatie te onderzoeken.

Neftex Petroleum Consultants ltd

GeoCat Bridge is a key part of our Neftex Earth Model publishing workflow, enabling us to easily replicate the geological symbols used to style our ArcGIS produced content said Alex Rushfort of Neftex Now we can deliver Web Map Services to our international oil industry clients through GeoServer, retaining the familiar appearance of our desktop GIS data products.

Flemish Geographical Information Agency – AGIV

GeoCat has developed the metadata catalogue portal for the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) in a consortium with GIM.

Several improvements and new functions have been added to the GeoNetwork opensource based catalog to further refine support for INSPIRE, improve the metadata publishing workflow and support horizontal scaling of multiple catalog instances.

German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy – BKG

GeoCat is contracted by the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, BKG, to implement several enhancements to GeoNetwork opensource for the German INSPIRE Spatial Data Infrastructure GDI.

One of the goals is to create a module for metadata content analysis to will allow metadata editors to determine the quality of the metadata in order to improve it.

Environment Canada

GeoCat is contracted by Environment Canada to implement a metadata catalogue based on GeoNetwork opensource. A main goal for the metadata catalogue is to be compliant with web accessible rules.

In the context of the project many other features have been implemented. For example the support for the SensorML metadata profile, an enhanced workflow module that offers several levels of verification and approval before a metadata is published, enhanced filters with facets for the metadata search results, et cetera.


Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

GeoCat has implemented the metadata catalogue based on GeoNetwork opensource for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The metadata catalogue contains new features like the integration of data files uploaded as online resources with an FME Server, a reporting module and a module to allow massive updates of metadata content.


GeoCat has contributed to the development of the SwissTopo geographic catalogue. is the metadata catalogue for Switzerland’s geodata. Federal, cantonal and municipal offices as well as private firms use to publish metadata for their own geodata.

GeoCat worked in a consortium with CamptoCamp (Swiss) and BRGM (France) on the implementation. GeoCat focussed on the support of complex metadata editing, including functionality to prevent public access to sensitive metadata fragments within the metadata, a custom Swiss catalogue interface, upgrade to a JS Widgets based user interface and general technical support to the project.

The portal can be found at


GeoCat Bridge is the long awaited product that promises to fill the gap between our open – and closed source hybrid geospatial frameworks said Thijs van Menen from Rijkswaterstaat (The Netherlands) Specific knowledge on how to make services is no longer needed. Finally we can fulfill the needs of our staff by providing them with a tool to make services by themselves in an easy way

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