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GeoServer Enterprise

GeoCat is pleased to offer our customers an enterprise distribution of GeoServer offering a long-term-support solution for this popular open source product.

GeoServer is a class-leading application for the publishing of spatial information using international and industry standards. GeoServer provides direct access to feature and raster content, rich cartographic visualization, and geospatial processing. GeoServer integrates smoothly into your existing GIS infrastructure working with database, file, and cloud storage.

GeoServer Enterprise is the way to go for a powerful, well supported interactive map server

Jody Garnett

GeoServer expert, GeoCat BV

Professional Support

Open source is easier with the professionals at GeoCat, our support helps your organization get started with GeoServer quickly and easily. We are committed to your success with long-term support and extended support options.

Supporting your needs

GeoCat offers two levels of support (standard and premium) adapted to the needs of your organization. GeoCat support is provided for our own GeoServer Enterprise distribution (tomcat/war, docker), and through our community participation for the OSGeo GeoServer distribution (tomcat/war).


Open standards for open data

GeoServer provides excellent implementations of open standards allowing your data to reach a larger audience and providing you the best selection of client technology from Leaflet and OpenLayers through to QGIS™ and ArcGIS™ Desktop.


Long Term Support (up to 5 years)

By having up to 5 years life-cycle support, you can guarantee your application stays safe and secure at all times.

Putting GeoServer to work

GeoServer offers an extensive web configuration application, and REST-API automation for advanced deployments. The application offers great flexibility with data access and security integration designed to work with your organization.

GeoServer Extensions

GeoServer extensions unlock additional capabilities from access to more data sources to new forms of cartographic expression. GeoCat supports many of the popular GeoServer extensions, let us know what you need!

Powered by Open

GeoCat believes in the power of Open Source software development and community. We are proud to support the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and participate in the GeoServer community to help our customers succeed.

Part of the GeoCat Family

GeoServer Enterprise published spatial data and services are available to be catalogued by our GeoNetwork Enterprise offering. GeoServer Enterprise is also included in our GeoCat Live offering. An easy setup as a managed cloud service. GeoCat Bridge offers an easy way to publish from ArcGIS™ Desktop and QGIS™.

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