GeoCat Bridge - One Click Data Publishing for ArcGIS

Our extension for Esri ArcGIS Desktop, has been designed to make the process of publishing geospatial data on the Internet as easy as hitting the Publish button. From your project in ArcGIS Desktop, you are literally only One Click away from publishing your geographic data and metadata on the Internet using an open source server platform. Read more…

GeoCat Bridge

Publish data and metadata

Publish data as OGC map services (WMS, WFS, WCS) and more.

Publish metadata into CSW geospatial catalog servers like GeoNetwork

Configure layers

Configures layers in MapServer and/or GeoServer

Symbology conversion

Perfect symbology conversion from ArcGIS® Desktop to SLD and/or mapfiles

Load your data into PostGIS

For example: Shapefiles, GeoTIFF images, Geo-databases, Personal, SDE, Oracle Spatial, etc.


Edit Metadata

Make and edit metadata (required fields)


Validate against standards

Validate metadata (e.g. ISO 19115-3, INSPIRE profiles, etc.)

Manage relations

Automatically manage relations between data, metadata and map services

Save locally

Optionally save metadata, SLD or mapfiles documents on your local computer or network share

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GeoNetwork Enterprise

When information is so abundantly available, you should know what information is the most relevant, has the highest quality, is up to date or historically relevant and who is responsible for it. And… you want to share that knowledge with others.

GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding, world leading catalog application to manage such information. It is based on open, international standards and has a focus on geospatial content. GeoNetwork Enterprise is a feature rich tool that supports metadata editing and management, has advanced publishing and search options as well as an intuitive and highly customizable user interface.

Professional Support

GeoCat cares about enabling customers to work with GeoNetwork effectively and undisturbed.

Good things come in pairs

GeoNetwork Enterprise is available in two flavors, adapted to your needs and to those of your organisation.

Tailored to your needs

GeoNetwork Enterprise has a large set of configuration options that allow you to configure the software to your needs.


Comply with directives

Create View Services with related metadata that complies to ISO, OGC, INSPIRE or is based upon an even more specific country profile.

Open source at the heart

We strongly believe in the power of Free and Open Source Software development for the growth and evolution of GeoNetwork. Open source is a proven way of collaborating to create technology.


High reliability without the headache

GeoNetwork Enterprise is also available as a hosted service. It is a core component of our GeoCat Live offering. An easy way to get high reliability over time, without the worries.

GeoCat Live - Sharing Data Never Got Easier!

Our hosted solution offers a solid, basic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to store, describe, discover and publish your data. We manage the server(s) and geospatial software for you. So, don’t worry about the implementation, new software releases, scaling servers and keep them running. Just share your data!

A complete, centrally managed SDI solution

Subscription based services


Scale according your needs

Publish Maps, (open) Data and Metadata



Seamless integration with ArcGIS Desktop


Live management module (web)

Map server

Catalog server

Geodatabase server

Load balancing, caching and backup

Development, Implementations & Consultancy

GeoCat supports Governments to create and maintain their Spatial Data Infrastructure. Our solutions are based on international standards and proven open source software. We will help you to effectively implement your system, as we have done for many customers before.

Extensive SDI experience

Extensive experience in developing Spatial Data Infrastructures


Standards advice

Expert advice on use and implementation of open standards and directives like ISO, OGC and INSPIRE

Open development

Developers that drive open source software and open standards development

Invest in knowledge

Sustainable investment in knowledge development instead of license fees

Influence our products

Direct influence on our products roadmaps

No vendor lock-in

Our development is yours

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Neftex Petroleum Consultants ltd

GeoCat Bridge is a key part of our Neftex Earth Model publishing workflow, enabling us to easily replicate the geological symbols used to style our ArcGIS produced content said Alex Rushfort of Neftex Now we can deliver Web Map Services to our international oil...

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Flemish Geographical Information Agency – AGIV

GeoCat has developed the metadata catalogue portal for the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) in a consortium with GIM. Several improvements and new functions have been added to the GeoNetwork opensource based catalog to further refine support for INSPIRE,...

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