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Advanced software with professional support for easy and efficient discovery, publishing and hosting of your data

Publish open data easily and effectively

Take a data driven approach to analyse and visualize our world. That’s what we like. Together we build the bridge from raw data to valuable information about our living environment. With ‘open’ as the source of our inspiration.

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GeoCat Live

An advanced data space for easy discovery, publishing and hosting of your open and geospatial data.

Discover the comprehensive functionality of our Data Space as a Service solution. Don’t worry about the implementation, operation, new releases, vulnerabilities or scaling servers. We’ve got you covered. With Live, you can seamlessly publish open data, maps, and standards compliant metadata, unlocking the full potential of your data.

GeoCat Live provides centralized management, offering a complete platform to streamline your operations.


GeoCat Find

When you have access to large amounts of data, it’s important to know which data is the most relevant and of good quality.


GeoCat Map

Provide smart, fast and secure access to your geospatial data through this class-leading application.


GeoCat Bridge

One Click data publishing from ArcGIS Pro™ and QGIS™ desktop to your server of choice. Create a seamless online publishing workflow from your desktop GIS data products.

Our products are used around the world

Governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations across various sectors and regions trust our products and services. They have proven to be versatile, reliable, and effective at all levels.

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GeoCat is willing to brainstorm on specific Rijkswaterstaat issues. Questions are quickly addressed and problems are swiftly solved.

Alexander van Stam,
Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (RWS)

GeoCat’s expertise has been instrumental in helping us leverage our internal resources to modernize enterprise data and digital strategies.

Christopher Thorne,
Environment Climate Change Canada


Empowering businesses, NGOs, and governments

Our software equips businesses with the tools to make data-driven decisions, while enabling non-governmental organisations to execute impactful initiatives. Moreover, we support governments in implementing efficient planning and resource management strategies at all levels.

Through free and open source software, we promote collaboration, sustainable investments and cost sharing. This allows our clients to benefit from solutions that fit their unique and common requirements.

We understand the sustainable use of open source software

GeoCat is commited and active in the open source software community. We have been involved in many significant projects delivering Spatial Data Infrastructure solutions worldwide based on GeoNetwork opensource and GeoServer software.

With over 20 years of experience from local to the global level, our experts understand what it takes to develop and implement open source software sustainably.


We are a committed and responsible technology provider

GeoCat is an innovative and fast growing international company. We have a unique market position in the world of data sharing with extra attention to the geospatial aspect. Our highly qualified team assists governments around the world with technologies and knowledge.

Our passion is in sharing, collaborating in a global community, sustainable development, working on quality and above all: we love maps!

Our developers are experts in their field with a leading role in open source development.

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