GeoCat offers cutting-edge, customized software and services that make publishing geospatial data on the Internet easier and more efficient. Operating in the fast growing market of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and geospatial-enabled technologies.

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GeoNetwork Enterprise

When information is so abundantly available, you should know what information is the most relevant, has the highest quality, is up to date or historically relevant and who is responsible for it. And ultimately… you want to share that knowledge with others.

Professional Support

Security patches

Good things come in pairs

Tailored to your needs


Comply with directives

Open source at the heart


High reliability without the headache

GeoCat Bridge – One Click Data Publishing for ArcGIS

Our extension for Esri ArcGIS Desktop, has been designed to make the process of publishing geospatial data on the Internet as easy as hitting the Publish button. From your project in ArcGIS Desktop, you are literally only One Click away from publishing your geographic data and metadata on the Internet using an open source server platform.

Publish data and metadata

Configure layers

Symbology conversion

Load your data into PostGIS


Edit Metadata


Validate against standards

Manage relations

Save locally

GeoCat Live – Sharing Data Never Got Easier!

Our hosted solution offers a solid, basic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to store, describe, discover and publish your data. We manage the server(s) and geospatial software for you. So, don’t worry about the implementation, new software releases, scaling servers and keep them running. Just share your data!

A complete, centrally managed SDI solution

Subscription based services


Scale according your needs

Publish Maps, (open) Data and Metadata



Seamless integration with ArcGIS Desktop


Live management module (web)

Map server

Catalog server

Geodatabase server

Load balancing, caching and backup

Development, Implementations & Consultancy

GeoCat supports Governments to create and maintain their Spatial Data Infrastructure. Our solutions are based on international standards and proven open source software. We will help you to effectively implement your system, as we have done for many customers before.

Extensive SDI experience


Standards advice

Open development

Invest in knowledge

Influence our products

No vendor lock-in

GeoServer Enterprise

GeoCat is pleased to offer our customers an enterprise distribution of GeoServer offering a long-term-support solution for this popular open source product.

GeoServer is a class-leading application for the publishing of spatial information using international and industry standards. GeoServer provides direct access to feature and raster content, rich cartographic visualization, and geospatial processing. GeoServer integrates smoothly into your existing GIS infrastructure working with database, file, and cloud storage.

Professional Support

Supporting your needs


Open standards for open data

Putting GeoServer to work

GeoServer Extensions

Powered by Open

Part of the GeoCat Family

GeoNetwork plug-in for GDPR data is widely applicable

GeoCat has developed a plug-in for GeoNetwork to extend data catalogs with a GDPR data registry. RIVM initiated the development of this open source tool. The plug-in is an example of how organisations can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the geo-community...

Alternative approaches for the new OGC API’s?

GeoCat was present at the OGC API hackathon in London. The event inspired our software developer Paul van Genuchten to step back and look at the latest developments. Do the standards meet the day-to-day needs of GIS professionals? And how can existing providers of...

GeoCat will present updates and workshops at FOSS4G

At FOSS4G 2019, GeoCat team members will announce, among other things, a version of GeoCat Bridge for QGIS, developments in GeoNetwork opensource and the pygeoapi project. We will also run several workshops, including workshops on the INSPIRE ready GeoNetwork...

Major GeoNetwork Enterprise Update (201905.1)

On the 7th of May, GeoCat released a new, major update of GeoNetwork Enterprise. It is focused on accessibility and has a more neutral look. It is optimised for generic use and has an improved editor usability. With version number 201905.1 we also introduce a new...

Developments in GeoPackage and WFS 3.0

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is currently running Testbed-15. As a member of the OGC, GeoCat closely follows the developments in GeoPackage and WFS 3.0.  The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) develops high quality open standards and constantly picks up...

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