Next level geospatial data publishing

Maximum interoperability for seamless integration

Provide smart, fast and secure accesss to your geospatial data 

GeoCat Map is the way to go for a powerful well supported interactive map server.

This class-leading application for publishing spatial information, is based on international and industry standards. It provides direct access to vector and raster content, rich cartographic visualization, and geospatial processing. GeoCat Map integrates smoothly into your existing GIS infrastructure working with database, file, and cloud storage.


OGC Certified web services to run in production systems, making open source work for enterprise customers.


GeoCat helps your organization get started with GeoCat Map and offers long-term support and extended support options.

Tailored to 
your needs

GeoCat Map Premium is provided ready-to-use, tested and preconfigured with extensions you have selected.


GeoCat Map is the way to go for a powerful, well supported interactive map server

Open standards for Open data

GeoCat Map provides excellent implementations of open standards allowing your data to reach a larger audience and providing you the best selection of client technology from Leaflet and OpenLayers through to QGIS™, ArcGIS™ Desktop and ArcGIS™ Online.

GeoCat Map offers an extensive web configuration application, and REST-API automation for advanced deployments. The application offers great flexibility with data access and security integration designed to work with your organization.

Long term support

Open source is easier with professional support from GeoCat. We are committed to your success with two support levels and extended support options.

With our premium model of up to 5 years life-cycle support, you can guarantee your application stays safe and secure at all times.

GeoCat support is provided for our own GeoCat Map distribution (tomcat/war, docker), and through our community participation for the underlaying OSGeo GeoServer distribution (tomcat/war).

Class-leading geospatial server software, backed by our premium service and support

Part of the GeoCat family

GeoCat Map published spatial data and services can be catalogued using GeoCat Find.

GeoCat Map is also included in our GeoCat Live offering. An easy setup as a managed cloud service. GeoCat Bridge offers an easy way to publish your data and metadata from ArcGIS™ Desktop and QGIS™.

GeoServer extensions

Based on GeoServer, GeoCat Map includes extensions that unlock additional capabilities, from access to more data sources to new forms of cartographic expression. GeoCat supports many of the popular GeoServer extensions, let us know what you need!

Powered by open

GeoCat believes in the power of Free and Open Source for Geospatial (FOSS4G) community. We are proud to support the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and participate in the GeoServer community to help our customers succeed.


Rijkswaterstaat utilizes GeoCat Map in their cloud-based environment

The Netherlands’ Rijkswaterstaat Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management uses GeoCat Map  as part of an automated publication of asset and environmental information. Their ETL processes GeoCat Bridge to manage the symbology and REST API for the publication and maintenance of GeoCat Map online mapping services.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions after reading our FAQ, feel free to send us a message or schedule a call with our support team.

Why would I subscribe to GeoCat Map?

GeoCat Map is more than source code. It is a commercial product that comes with a Service Level Agreement, experts to help you, early and pro-active access to vulnerability fixes and mitigation guidelines before these vulnerabilities become public, integration options for automated deployments by your DevOps team and advice on suitable and maintained plugins that are ready for Enterprise level deployment and use.

Furthermore, your subscription allows GeoCat to directly invest in the sustainable development of the GeoServer project. We make releases, create patches and new functionality, do exhausitve testing and ensure new contributions of functionality can be reviewed and integrated for the benefit of all. You really make a difference!

Can GeoCat map be customized to fit my organization's specific requirements?

Yes, GeoCat Map can be customized to align with your organization’s unique needs and workflows. GeoCat offers tailored solutions and consulting services to help integrate GeoCat Map seamlessly into your existing GIS infrastructure. Whether it’s configuring security settings, optimizing performance, or implementing custom features, GeoCat works closely with you to ensure GeoCat Map meets your requirements.

What support does GeoCat Map provide, and how can I access it?

GeoCat Map includes comprehensive support, including assistance with installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and optimization. Access to expert support is available through various channels, including email, phone, and online support tickets.

Additionally, GeoCat provides documentation, training resources, and community forums to help users maximize their GeoCat Map experience and overcome any challenges they may encounter.

How does GeoCat Map differ from the GeoServer community releases?

GeoCat Map is a commercial product and distribution of the GeoServer technology released by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

This exclusive distribution channel for our Enterprise customers ensures you have timely updates, keeps your systems secure, provides long-term support beyond the community releases, and provides direct support by our experts to your DevOps team.

Your GeoCat Map subscription also provides you with a distribution that is tailored to meet your specific enterprise needs.

How to renew my GeoCat Map subscription, and what are the renewal benefits?

Renewing your GeoCat Map subscription is a straightforward process that ensures continued access to expert support and the latest updates. By renewing yearly, you maintain immediate access to GeoCat’s team of experts, as well as to the most recent stable updates, ensuring your enterprise remains up-to-date with the latest geospatial technologies and advancements.

Furthermore, through your subscription our team is able to actively support, patch and improve the underlaying GeoServer technology. Your money effectively contributes to sustainable development of open source software. 

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