One Click Data Publishing for ArcGIS®

GeoCat Bridge

GeoCat Bridge, our extension for Esri ArcGIS® Desktop, has been designed to make the process of publishing geospatial data on the internet as easy as hitting the Publish button. From your project in ArcGIS Desktop, you are literally only one click away from publishing your geographic data and metadata on the Internet using an open source server platform.

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What makes Bridge the ultimate publishing solution?

Comply with the INSPIRE directive:

Create INSPIRE View Services with related metadata that complies to INSPIRE or is based upon an even more specific country profile.

Supporting Open Standards:

Publishing data through Open Standards allows consumers to make optimal use of your data.

No more double work:

As an extension, Bridge uses what ArcGIS Desktop already offers and builds on top of that. Complex symbology, scale, coordinate reference systems, data formats, metadata management. We use it all and improve it where we think we do better.

Publishing using Bridge creates map services that can be used to build from the simplest to the most advanced map applications. You are in control.

Use GeoNetwork opensource and GeoServer:

Bridge has been optimized to work with the GeoServer map server (part of the OpenGeo Suite) and GeoNetwork opensource metadata catalog. You can even upload your maps in PostGIS.


NEW: GeoCat Bridge is now also available for MapServer

Because you want choice, you can now use GeoCat Bridge for MapServer to do exactly the same we already offered for GeoServer: create great looking maps. We’ve taken that extra mile to ensure you get the best possible result, carefully optimizing the symbology output for MapServer. You won’t notice the difference if you use MapServer or GeoServer!

[1] Bridge works best with connections to a GeoNetwork opensource metadata catalog for metadata publishing (OGC-CSW) and to a GeoServer map server for data publishing (OGC WMS, WFS, WCS). Bridge also allows to save ISO19115 Metadata and Style Layer Descriptor (OGC SLD) configuration files on your local drive.

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