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GeoNetwork Enterprise

When information is so abundantly available, you should know what information is the most relevant, has the highest quality, is up to date or historically relevant and who is responsible for it. And you want to share that knowledge with others.

GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding, world leading catalog application to manage such information. It is based on open, international standards and has a focus on geospatial content. Thus, GeoNetwork Enterprise is a feature rich tool that supports metadata editing and management, has advanced publishing and search options as well as an intuitive and highly customizable user interface.

GeoNetwork Enterprise is the way to succeed when setting up and maintaining a geospatial catalog

How GeoNetwork Enterprise can help you with setting up and maintaining a geospatial catalog

For Enterprise Customers

GeoNetwork Enterprise provides you the highest quality geospatial catalog system to run in production systems. Therefore, it makes open source technology work for our enterprise customers, ofering the latest stable application and complemented with the best support available in the industry by the most experienced experts. Whenever you need it!

Professional Support

Having your own team of developers work on GeoNetwork development is rarely an optimal solution, because it’s hard to find the right skills. So you often need to compromise with generic competencies.

GeoCat cares about enabling customers to work with GeoNetwork effectively and undisturbed. Under the label ‘GeoNetwork Enterprise’ GeoCat facilitates you with an Enterprise License Agreement, in which we provide regular well tested and documented software updates, security patches, a support team, as well as training, documentation and consultancy to set up GeoNetwork effectively in your Spatial Data Infrastructure.


Comply with directives

Create View Services with related metadata that complies to ISO, OGC, INSPIRE or is based upon an even more specific country profile.

High reliability without the headache

GeoNetwork Enterprise is also available as a hosted service. It is a core component of our GeoCat Live offering. An easy way to get high reliability over time, without the worries related to the management of a server infrastructure. Have your catalog (and map-) services operated by the GeoNetwork experts.

Tailored to your needs

GeoNetwork Enterprise has a large set of configuration options that allow you to configure the software to your needs.

Besides these options, GeoNetwork Enterprise comes with a selection of optional metadata profiles for specific use cases (schema-plugins).

For several user communities we offer preconfigured releases tailored to that community. These include; thesauri, map projections, background maps and skins. Verify with the team for the options to include a thematic flavour for your community.


Long Term Support (up to 5 years)

By having up to 5 years life-cycle support, you can guarantee your application stays safe and secure at all times.

Good things come in pairs

GeoNetwork Enterprise is available in two flavors, adapted to your needs and to those of your organisation. You have the choice for GeoNetwork Enterprise Standard or Premium. These can be renewed yearly to ensure you always have immediate access to our team of experts as well as to our latest, tested, stable updates.

Open source at the heart

We strongly believe in the power of Free and Open Source Software development for the growth and evolution of GeoNetwork. Open source is a proven way of collaborating to create technology. It gives you the freedom to see the code and learn from it, to ask questions and offer improvements. GeoNetwork Enterprise is based on GeoNetwork opensource, a project started in 2000 by GeoCat’s founder Jeroen Ticheler.

Bug fixes and features developed in the scope of the Enterprise program will be available in the GeoNetwork open source version. Together we give you the reliability and the stability needed for your business.

A premium service on top of the leading geospatial catalog application

* Patch releases are incremental. Patch releases will be available for any of the supported major releases
** Response times are limited to European Business hours (8.00AM to 5.30PM CET)
*** Issues classified as ‘critical’ are eligible for resolution. Other issues will be delegated to the community project

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