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GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.2

GeoCat is pleased to present our latest distribution of GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.2.

To migrate from GeoNetwork Enterprise 2022 or earlier, see the Upgrade guide.


GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding catalog application providing record publishing and search capabilities to share information. Built to support international open standards GeoNetwork offers metadata editing and management with a focus on geospatial content.

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.2 is a recommended upgrade for all our customers and compatible with GeoCat Bridge for both ArcGIS Desktop and QGIS Desktop.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Plugin repository

GeoNetwork Enterprise is provided as a base package which can be extended with plugins. Plugins have an independent lifecycle. Each plugin advertises its compatibility with relevant GeoNetwork versions.

Plugins are available via the plugin repository.

Documentation on how to install the plugin is available in the plugin.

GeoNetwork Enterprise Documentation

Enterprise documentation is now available at

GeoNetwork Technology

GeoNetwork Enterprise 2023.2 is based on GeoNetwork opensource 4.2.x. This version of GeoNetwork has switched the search engine to use ElasticSearch instead of Lucene, as in previous versions.

See how to Install and Configure Elasticsearch.

This section describes the main changes in this new version.

User interface

  • Fix wrong manual links.
  • Metadata editor / Fix javascript error when editing a metadata, related to the metadata related records panel.
  • Metadata editor / Fix javascript error when adding a thumbnail from the map, when the metadata has 1 WMS layer.
  • Metadata publication options / Replace the unlock icon with the lock open icon. This new icon has more visual differences with the lock icon, making it easier for a user to see the difference between publish and unpublish.
  • Search / Hide the search suggestions when hitting the ENTER key in the search field without selecting a suggested value.
  • Search tab map is blank on first page load

Minimal UI view

  • Fix for the overlapping footer on the homepage and detail page.
  • Limit the list of dates (creation, revision and publication) in the list view.
  • Update the display of the search map to use the UI setting for the search map placement.

Dutch UI view

  • Improvements to the login and admin pages:
    • Colors on the menu bar.
    • Admin console has the default font instead of the Dutch font.
  • Improvements to the search on smaller screens:
    • Remove icons in the menu bar.
    • Spacing around the advanced search inputs.
  • Record view / Don't display the GEMET INSPIRE Themes keywords if the metadata has the category INSPIRE, as are displayed in the tab INSPIRE.
  • Redesigned cookie message.
  • Position the footer at the bottom of the page.
  • Update toolbar to support custom pages submenu.

Map viewer

  • Add layer with styles from a metadata doesn't show the styles selector.
  • Add missing translations in feature info table.
  • Add scale control.
  • ESRIREST layers / Scale the layer extent to show the symbology of the features in the corners of the extent.
  • Fix issue with Map Attribution not being toggled correctly in data preview.
  • Fix TMS layer persistence in map context.
  • Remove Stamen background layers - no longer available.


  • Create a metadata / Add dynamic and download privileges to the users in the same group. Previously members of the group can view the metadata, but not it's resources.
  • Editor board / Use metadata database change date instead of the metadata dateStamp (xml). In some metadata profiles, the dateStamp doesn't store the time part.
  • Fix ISO19139 German labels.
  • Fix the metadata PDF header logo link.
  • INSPIRE Atom feeds / Fix link to atom search endpoint.
  • INSPIRE Validation / Add testsuite for IACS.
  • ISO19115-3.2008 / Avoid indexing error on multilingual feature catalogue.
  • ISO19115-3.2008 / Ensure dqm namespace is on top of the document. Remove gts namespace which is ISO19139.
  • ISO19115-3.2008 / Feature catalogue improvements.
  • ISO19115-3.2008 / Move namespace from srv 2.1 to 2.0 (SRV XSD 2.1 was removed on TC211).
  • ISO19115-3.2008 / Remove geographicElement when removing bounding box
  • ISO19139 / ISO19115-3.2008 / Index online resources application profile element encoded as anchor.
  • Metadata editor / Fix some incorrect mimetypes checks on metadata attachments.
  • Metadata editor / Improve the mechanism for updating/deleting online resources by assigning a unique code, rather than relying on resource information.
  • Metadata editor / ISO19115-3 / Fix gco:UomIdentifier element support.
  • Metadata feedback / Fix email to multiple recipients.
  • Metadata indexing / Improve geometry indexing and display: support multiple geometries, support point geometries.
  • Metadata import / Fix to overwrite the metadata imported if the metadata had validation information associated.
  • Metadata import / Use the generated metadata UUID for resource links when importing metadata with the option Generate UUID. Previously the metadata got a new UUID, but the resource URLs were using the original metadata UUID.
  • Metadata workflow / Send email notification after workflow events have been processed, to avoid sending the email if an error occurs in the event.
  • Modify the metadata CSV export to escape double-quotes with double-quotes instead of backslash.
  • Record view / Don't add the associated resources in the metadata static page. This page doesn't include javascript libraries required to retrieve the metadata associated resources.
  • Record view / ISO19139 / display citation titles in full view.
  • Record view / ISO19139 / ISO19115-3.2008 / Display the unit part in units attribute, not the full url.
  • Record view / Pick latest date for the metadata citation.
  • Support Danish language in the metadata search index.

Metadata HNAP schema

  • Add citation element validation.
  • Add missing rdf:type element in GC_OG_Geographic_Region thesaurus.
  • Supports permissions for edit and view maps.
  • Validate missing contact email field to be sync as iso19139.nap (#355)


  • Harvesters / CSW protocol / fix requests when the credentials are configured in the harvester, only public metadata was retrieved.
  • Harvesters / GeoNetwork protocol / Check if a resource exists to save it, instead of trying to retrieve the file details, to avoid confusing exceptions in the log file.
  • Harvesters / Local file system protocol / Fix the logging to log errors during the harvesting.
  • Harvesters / Reset harvester history pagination when selecting a harvester.
  • Harvesters / WebDav protocol / Fix the check to update a metadata record, if the metadata to harvest existed and was assigned to the local catalogue, the harvester failed.
  • Metadata link analysis / Optimise query used to retrieve metadata links results.
  • Reports / Fix extract user groups for non-admin users.
  • Reports / Users / Display profile for Administrator / Guest profiles that are not related to groups.
  • Search results / Configure for each results template to display the results (list, grid, table), the related metadata records to retrieve.
  • Settings / Add a new setting to enable the metadata user feedback and decouple it from metadata rating feature:
    • Metadata feedback: Allows from the metadata record page to send feedback to the metadata owner and the system administrator:
    • Metadata rating: Allows to rate the metadata and provide comments. An administrator user should review the rating to approve it. This information is public once approved.

  • Settings / Configuration of the user profile level allowed to view the metadata history.
  • Status dashboard / Don't count indexing warnings as errors in the Metadata index errors indicator.
  • User interface settings / Update sort by fields configuration with language placeholder, to support sort by multilingual fields.

API and Automation

  • Configure harvesters log to avoid application log duplicated in harvester_default.log file.
  • CSW / Fix for nextRecord attribute in CSW GetRecords response when using pagination. When requesting the last page the returned nextRecord was numberOfRecordsMatched + 1 instead of being 0 as described in the CSW 2.0.2 specification.
  • OpenAPI fixes.
  • Remove the search q service, used to query in previous versions that used Lucene as the search engine. The current API method was just returning an exception to indicate that the API is not implemented.
  • Trigger the metadata unpublish event when unpublishing using the privileges dialog.


  • Documentation improvements.
  • Extend the http proxy to support URLs with a duplicated parameter with different values.
  • Javascript code quality improvements.
  • Mail / Remove log debug level.
  • OpenID / Clean up expired cached tokens.
  • Upgrade SpringDoc to version 1.7.0.


  • Configuration to restrict the hosts and ports accessible by the http proxy servlet.
  • Remove handlebars.js library.
  • Upgrade commons-fileupload library to version 1.5.
  • Update lodash library to version 4.17.21.