JIIDE and SASIG, in Portugal

During the month of November, two important events in the scope of SDI and FOSS4G took place in Portugal: JIIDE, in Lisbon, and SASIG, in Porto. The JIIDE - "VIII Jornadas Ibéricas de Infraestruturas de Dados Espaciais" is a yearly event focused on topics related to...

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INSPIRE conference 2017 Strassbourg

In 2017 GeoCat participated in the INSPIRE conference in Strassbourg as a sponsor and presented various sessions and a workshop. In this blog a summary of some of the sessions visited. Folding this around some of the interesting tweets in that week seems the new way...

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GeoNetwork and the search engines

Currently GeoNetwork records are hardly harvested by search engines. There are some problems that can be addressed quite easily to improve this. This post presents some findings from the implementation of https://nationaalgeoregister.nl, as presented at Bolsena 2017....

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Announcing the Extended GeoPackage QGIS Plugin

Migrating a project from ESRI (or another) software to QGIS is a common challenge in the GIS world. With the OWS_Context Geopackage extension and the qgpkg plugin, we hope to address this challenge, at the same time that we promote the adoption of this standard by the overall GIS community.

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FOSS4G Argentina (Buenos Aires)

This year I had the privilege to go to the FOSS4G Argentina, which took place on the IGN of Buenos Aires. What can I tell you of Argentina that you don't already know. https://www.instagram.com/p/BD1thIpqcTI Meat paradise. But I didn't go there only for the meat. We...

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GeoNetwork from Scratch IIb : Attack of the IDEs

In the previous post of this series my colleague Maria show you how to setup GeoNetwork 3 in Eclipse IDE. If you’re a user of IntelliJ IDE, start working with GeoNetwork is really easy. You only need to checkout GeoNetwork from GitHub: $ git...

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