For the thirteenth year, our founder and CEO Jeroen Ticheler has organised the Bolsena Code Sprint. From 23 to 29 June, GeoNetwork experts, other open source experts and an ESRI developper will work on upgrades, better code and migration issues.

Happily it is not only work that matters. The event takes place in a Italian monastery that overlooks Lake Bolsena and offers a quiet, isolated, simple and serene atmosphere. Also, the about 20 participants will be treated to elaborate meals that often can be enjoyed outside and conduct some recreational trips.

Foto: Bolsena 2019


Focus on development work

‘A week like this offers to opportunity to solely focus on development work,’ explains Jeroen, who established the GeoNetwork opensource project in 2001. ‘We want to add value to the OSGeo community. People can meet up, share ideas and start implementing them immediately or in the following months. GeoNetwork thrives because of all those individual users that take just that extra step to contribute in return. Next, this week assembles my team, that normally works dispersed over the world.’

Photo: Bolsena 2019


Work items Bolsena Code Sprint

The work items for the Bolsena Code Sprint are:

  • Upgrade to GeoTools 21.x
  • Elasticsearch migration
  • Github hooks for better code

Check the OSGeo wiki for the details.

Also presentations and discussions are expected on GeoNetwork 3.8.0, OSGeo budget, Java 8 and Java 11 LTS discussions along with Java 11 code sprint results and Elasticsearch migration.

For information on the results of the Bolsena Code Sprint, you can contact Jeroen Ticheler,

An impression of this year’s edition can be found at flickr (Jody Garnett, Bolsena Code Sprint 2019). An impression of earlier editions (including top picture):