GeoCat is proud to announce that it has been awarded a framework contract, within a joint venture, by the statistical office of the European Commission (Eurostat) regarding the development and maintenance of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) software.

The contract will span over 48 months and cover the development of the technical components of the European Commission SDI – “INSPIRE@EC” – compliant to the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE). The main purpose of INSPIRE@EC is to provide a platform for sharing spatial information within and amongst the departments of the European Commission in order to ease collaboration and to minimize transaction costs by optimizing workflows, which rely on the availability and accessibility of distributed spatial information.

The constellation of the winning organization is a joint venture between Atkins and con terra with four sub-consultants – GeoCat, HNIT-BALTIC, K.U. Leuven and SIGGIS. The organization provides a very strong team of experience working with Geospatial topics and technologies such as INSPIRE, SDI, SEIS, OGC, ESRI, GeoNetwork and open source development.

GeoCat is very pleased to contribute the knowledge and experience of their ISO, OGC and INSPIRE specialists to Eurostat. GeoCat has already helped many organizations publishing data to an open source server platform in accordance with INSPIRE regulations, and even more specific country regulations. GeoCat provided successful consulting services and products that contributed to the establishment of National and Global Spatial Data Infrastructures for The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Scotland, Spain, Canada, Swiss, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, EEA, the United Nations and many others.

In the process of production and use of geographic information within the European Commission there are many challenges for a corporate Geoportal such as INSPIRE@EC – the main focus under this contract will be to increase the usability, make INSPIRE@EC the preferred platform for sharing and collaborating on spatial information making the SDI a backbone for the European Commission‘s day-to-day business. These key focus areas are selected on the basis of their cross-cutting nature where the Atkins/con terra joint venture will play a key role in taking these challenges into account in the day-to-day work of both the development and maintenance of INSPIRE@EC.