On the 7th of May, GeoCat released a new, major update of GeoNetwork Enterprise. It is focused on accessibility and has a more neutral look. It is optimised for generic use and has an improved editor usability. With version number 201905.1 we also introduce a new versioning logic.

New layout

GeoNetwork Enterprise 201905.1 adopts a Minimal skin as default style and layout. Default and Dutch skins are still available with the same features. It is very easy to customize the style through a settings panel and it is therefore unnecessary to make changes to the source code to customize your settings.

New features

Of course, also amazing new developments from the GeoNetwork opensource (community version) are integrated in GeoNetwork Enterprise 201905.1! For example:

  • Web accessibility standards and guidelines improvements
  • Improved user interface and new design for the recent/popular records on the homepage as well as improvements to the admin console
  • Records history and Tasks
  • Support for the Dutch metadata profile for datasets v2
  • Social media bar configuration via settings
  • Map viewer improvements (e.g. projection switcher, better WFS2 support, TMS support, HTTPS redirect support, WPS support, external viewer support, legend panel)
  • Digital Object Identifier creation
  • ISO19139 / DataCite output format
  • Various editor improvements
  • Thesaurus – Better Registry support and GEMET update to version 4.1.2
  • Formatter – Added support for JSON output
  • Harvesting – Added support for WPS2
  • Harvesting – WFS features improvements (e.g. asynchronous indexing for better performance, precision model configuration, CDATA support, Elasticsearch 6.4.x support)
  • Performance improvements on indexing and JS & LESS compilation
  • Better HTTPS support
  • Security fixes and library updates
  • Various bug fixes

More details of this major update can be found in the Change Log.

About GeoNetwork Enterprise

GeoCat’s GeoNetwork Enterprise is an outstanding, world leading geospatial catalog system to run in production systems and manage information. It is based on open, international standards and has a focus on geospatial content. Thus, GeoNetwork Enterprise is a feature rich tool that supports metadata editing and management, has advanced publishing and search options as well as an intuitive and highly customizable user interface. The GeoNetwork Enterprise web application is sold in two flavours (Standard and Premium), adapted to your needs and to those of your organisation and is also available as a hosted service.

New versioning logic

The version number of GeoCat’s GeoNetwork Enterprise uses a format composed of the release date (year and month). The number after the dot indicates the current patch. LTS or ‘Long Term Support’ releases are published every two years in May. LTS releases are the ‘enterprise grade’ releases of GeoNetwork Enterprise. Every six months between LTS versions, GeoCat publishes an interim release of GeoNetwork Enterprise. The new versioning logic helps to avoid confusion with the GeoNetwork opensource release numbering and makes it instantly clear to clients what the Long Term Support is that they can expect form GeoCat.

Implementing the update

GeoNetwork Enterprise 201905.1 was officially released on the 7th of May. Clients (or their system administrators) can download the new version from the GeoCat Nexus repository and install the update on their applications servers through a very easy and straightforward procedure for their technical support team. For more information on the advantages of GeoNetwork Enterprise licenses for your organization, please get in touch with Antonion Cerciello, Antonio.Cerciello@geocat.net.

Photo above: Jamie Street on Unsplash