Managed Servers to publish your spatial data direct, easy and carefree
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The GeoCat Live solution offers a solid, basic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to store, describe, discover and publish your data. We manage the server(s) and geospatial software for you. So, don’t worry about the implementation, new software releases, scaling servers and keep them running. Just share your data!

The features of our Live solution

Publish Maps, (open) Data and Metadata

A complete, centrally managed SDI solution


Scale according your needs

Subscription based services

Seamless integration with ArcGIS Desktop



Load balancing, caching and backup


Live management module (web)

Catalog server

Map server

Geodatabase server

To make our range of services more complete we now offer a next generation hosting solution. Your data will be accessible as a service. Build the applications you want to offer to your users on top of these services. Read our terms of service.

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* Intervention is provided at weekdays, office hours at UTC+02:00

What’s included



DigitalOcean provides a 99.99% Uptime SLA for both Droplet and Block Storage. Lost time is refunded back to your account at the hourly rate incurred. So we can offer 99.95% Uptime and refund.

Monitoring & Statistics

Review usage, uptime and incidents in the last months by downloading reports from

Software updates

All official patch releases of the involved software will be installed within a month after release, major software releases will be installed after having been accepted by our testers.

GeoCat Bridge

GeoCat Bridge is an Arcgis extension to publish (meta)data on live (or any geonetwork/geoserver combination). The limited edition can only be used to publish data to your personal live account.

Customised domainname

Ability to set up a DNS to match a custom domainname to the Live environment.


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