Major GeoNetwork Enterprise Update (201905.1)

On the 7th of May, GeoCat released a new, major update of GeoNetwork Enterprise. It is focused on accessibility and has a more neutral look. It is optimised for generic use and has an improved editor usability. With version number 201905.1 we also introduce a new...

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Developments in GeoPackage and WFS 3.0

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is currently running Testbed-15. As a member of the OGC, GeoCat closely follows the developments in GeoPackage and WFS 3.0.  The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) develops high quality open standards and constantly picks up...

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Training to set up a Spatial Data Infrastructure

Could you support us in our process of developing a modern Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)? The Lands Department in Hong Kong approached GeoCat with this question. As we are having a wide experience in this field, we set up a two-week tailored training, covering all...

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GeoCat Platinum sponsor of FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest

GeoCat B.V. is the first Platinum sponsor of FOSS4G 2019, 26 to 30 August in Bucharest. With our commitment to FOSS4G 2019 we hope to make the conference an even bigger success and also lower the barrier for participation. As a team, GeoCat contributes to OSGeo...

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GeoCat opening keynote at FOSS4G Argentina

Our GeoCat colleague Maria Arias de Reyna held the opening keynote of the FOSS4G Argentina conference early April. She presented an overview of the free and open source software, open data, open hardware and open networks available under the OSGeo umbrella to show...

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Bolsena Codesprint 2019

Date: June 24th / June 28th After twelve successful years, we’ll continue the OSGeo “hacking” event in Bolsena in an Italian monastery (see map location, and videos: 2008-video, 2009-video and 2010-video. The monastery is overlooking Lago Bolsena and offers space to...

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Bridge 3 Release

GeoCat proudly presents a new release of GeoCat Bridge; version 3.0. GeoCat Bridge is an extension for ArcGIS Desktop to publish the layers from an ArcMap map project (MXD) to GeoServer or MapServer as OGC Web Services (WMS/WFS/WCS) and publish the metadata of layers...

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GeoCat Bridge Explained

GeoCat Bridge is an extension for ArcGIS Desktop and runs within ArcMap. This blogpost aims to explain what GeoCat Bridge does in more detail. In short; GeoCat Bridge enables you to publish the layers from a ArcMap map project (MXD) to GeoServer or MapServer as OGC...

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