As an open source company one of our pleasures is to participate in GeoNetwork development, releases and community sprints. Two sprints that have been organized for the end of 2019 had GeoCat staff participating. They do so on behalf of our customers and our catalog application GeoNetwork Enterprise.

Documentation Sprint

Paul joined a diverse documentation group addressing gaps identified in workflow, map configuration, map tools and other topics identified by the German state Niedersachsen. Thanks to Jo Cook and Francois Prunayre for organizing this activity. We especially appreciated Jo’s perspective from the Google Season of Docs. This is an important initiative in making open source more accessible to a wider audience.

OpenLayers 6 Migration Sprint

Michel is participating in a far more technical sprint, replacing the mapping component of GeoNetwork with an update to OpenLayers 6. Special focus is on improving support for ESRI Rest services and WMTS. When we last checked in, the team had made the change and was in the process of cleaning up the mess and testing. It is going to be a very busy week and we wish them all the best. Thanks to the participating companies, EEA, IFremer, Open Source Geospatial Foundation and OSGeo:UK local chapter for sponsoring the team and helping Michel attend this event in person.

Team meal. Thanks sponsors.

Working at GeoCat

If you are interested in working with an open source company please check our careers page. We are currently recruiting a Java developer. Experience with XML technologies and a passion for open source are a plus.


Interested in our code sprint experiences? Please contact Paul van Genuchten at