It took almost two years from the initial prototypes to the first release of GeoNetwork 3. But we, Titellus, Camp2Camp, GeoCat any many others, are very happy to present to you this new version of the popular opensource spatial catalogue. Download it at

Why did it take such a while? The user interface of the catalogue is completely rewritten using modern web technologies like OpenLayers 3, AngularJS and Bootstrap. This makes that GeoNetwork 3 now scales well to mobile devices (GeoNetwork is a good companion when heading out into the field to locate data about the area you’re in). What else is new in GeoNetwork 3:

GeoNetwork contains a webbased GIS application based on OpenLayers 3 (NGeo) offering functionality to:

  • load OGC services
  • create, modify, load and save features
  • create, load, save, print and share maps
  • A gazzeteer service and options to locate datasets from a map panel

The administration section now has an intuitive dashboard and a lot of new services to monitor the health of the system and view statistics about recent searches.

Special attention went to interface customization. AngularJS facilitates easy customizations with intuitive html-templates. Editor-forms and metadata views can be adjusted to your needs with a config file (editor-forms) and formatters (metadata view) using groovy scripting or traditional xslt.

Each of the GeoNetwork services can now respond in JSON (jsonix) and a lot of custom GeoNetwork modules have been replaced with generic Spring components. Sping MVC, Hibernate and Spring security have been introduced.

Translations are now managed through transifex, which facilitates the translation process and allows others to contribute easily.

GeoNetwork has a new logo and layout. We’re currently working to update the website accordingly.

I guess many reasons to give GeoNetwork 3 a try (or check some implementations at,,, or the nighlty vanilla version at Let us know about your experiences at or 



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