GeoServer Enterprise Premium with extended-support up to five years supporting popular extensions, enterprise and cloud integration options, and custom extensions.


GeoServer Enterprise Premium is offered as a preconfigured WAR to match your needs and requirements.

Select the extensions required, include any custom modules or visual themes, and your read-to-use WAR will be ready and available to use each time we make a release.

Web Services

GeoServer Enterprise Premium publishes your information using a selection of open standards and industry standards.

GeoServer enterprise:

  • Web Map Service (WMS)

    Shares information visually as cartographic data products generated from geospatial data and styling.

  • Web Feature Service (WFS)

    Publish vector information as geographic features for use in Desktop GIS, Web Mapping and Processing and Analysis.

  • Web Coverage Service (WCS)

    Access raster information as a geographic coverage, generating and data products for analysis, processing and visualization.

  • WMTS / TMS / WMS-C

    Integrated GeoWebCache supports a range of tileset based protocols for mobile and web mapping applications.

GeoServer extensions:


GeoServer enterprise:

  • Style Layer Descriptor (SLD)

  • Symbology Encoding (SE)

  • SLD REST API service

    Service offering dynamic data driven generation of SLD styles.

  • CSS Styling

  • Cross layer filtering

GeoServer extension:

  • Chart symbolizer

  • YSLD styling

  • MapBox Styling


GeoServer enterprise:

  • Web Administration

  • REST Configuration

  • Web-resource tool page

  • GeoCat visual theme

GeoServer extension:

  • Importer / REST API

  • Custom visual theme


GeoServer enterprise:

  • LDAP

  • Digest

  • X.509

Vector Data

GeoServer enterprise:

  • GeoPkg

  • Shapefile / Directory

GeoServer extensions:

  • GML

  • CSV


GeoServer enterprise:

  • GeoTIFF

GeoServer extensions:

  • Image Mosaic

  • Image Pyramid

  • GDAL Formats


GeoServer enterprise:

  • PostGIS / JNDI

GeoServer extensions:

  • Oracle / JNDI

  • SQL Server / JNDI

Data service

GeoServer enterprise:

  • WMS Cascade

  • WMTS Cascade

  • WFS Cascade

Data Integration

GeoServer extension:

  • Pregeneralized features


  • Application Schema

Quality of service

GeoServer enterprise:

  • Control flow

  • lib-jpeg turbo

Output Formats

GeoServer extension:

  • Excel

  • Printing

  • Vector Tiles

  • OGR output formats