Professional Support

GeoCat is a committed and responsible software company. We offer professional support and training on all our services, software and solutions.

If you have questions or are in need of development over GeoCat provided software, you can rely on our Technical Support Team. GeoCat will be there for you and will assist you to resolve your issues quickly. We take care of you!

We offer professional support contracts and training on:

GeoCat Care for GeoNetwork

By subscribing to GeoCat Support Services, organizations using GeoNetwork Enterprise will benefit from the knowledge of GeoCat’s technical experts. Our experts are directly involved in the development of GeoNetwork. These services are designed to bring effectiveness, security, and peace of mind to subscribers.

Support will be provided in English. Optionally you can ask for support in other languages.

The support covers installation, operation, system configuration and standard GUI customization, among other tasks. Also we can take care of performance issues related to system configuration or bugs found in GeoNetwork Enterprise.

Additionally, GeoCat provides Core Service Hours dedicated to software development time. You can use this development time to customize, extend and/or improve the software on your own way.

Currently GeoCat offers three Support Levels: Basic, Professional and Platform.

If you are interested in a support contract, please

Contact us

GeoCat Care for Bridge

All GeoCat Bridge licences includes three months of GeoCat Care for Bridge. We offer you this because we want to give you a good start with GeoCat Bridge. GeoCat Care for Bridge offers continuous support and maintenance.

Also, there is no need to budget for major Bridge software releases because they are included. GeoCat Care for Bridge provides a total solution ensuring you are always up and running and have the most current release.

GeoCat Care for Bridge should be renewed yearly. You can contact us as often as necessary by Phone or through our Support form.

Upon purchasing GeoCat Bridge we offer you a one or two year GeoCat Care for Bridge contract so you can continuously count on our support and you will receive the latest updates directly.

GeoCat Care for Bridge is available within three months from the day of purchase of GeoCat Bridge license.

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GeoCat Bridge Basic Support

When you don’t have a GeoCat Care for Bridge,  we will always provide you our Bridge basic support.

Basic support provides users with minor updates free of charge. It will always be available until the major version reaches end-of-live. This is generally 2 years after a new mayor release has become available.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions to help you resolve common issues or contact us at

Support for OSGeo Software

GeoCat provides implementations, customizations and support contracts for OSGeo software. Including, but not limited to, GeoServer, QGIS, PostGIS, PyWPS, MapServer and Leaflet.

If you are interested in support for this or other geospatial open source software, please

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